Here is our playground, the largest independent TV·Livestream set in Brussels, dedicated to businesses, federations, institutions, and more.

1000 square meters of inspiration.

The success of your audiovisual content production strategy relies on three objectives: frequency, recurrence, and coherence. To help you achieve them under the best conditions, we’ve created the most inspiring studio in Brussels!

With its fully accessorized loft decor, themed spaces, numerous screens, and powerful production capabilities, we’ve designed this studio to accommodate your talk shows and facilitate the flourishing of your content strategy.

Designed to enhance both your production experience and that of your guests, this fully customizable set can also be configured differently to host a product keynote, a master class, or even an awards ceremony.

Let your ideas flow freely!

Our studio is also your best ally for optimizing your productions: no need for transportation time for mobile control rooms, installation, configuration… you can use your time for rehearsals and production.

In addition to its shooting area, our production spaces consisting of a multi-camera control room and a high-end sound control room open up a world of possibilities for you.

As for your comfort, our production suites and community management spaces welcome you with care.

Its strengths

Forget about renting venues for your shows: on our set, you can welcome your live audience in an amazing decor and produce a high-quality show for those attending remotely.

Set Design System

Configured as a loft with multiple spaces, it is customizable and fully adaptable to your preferences.

Fully equipped

Accessories, furniture, screens, cameras, sound equipment, assistance with animation... everything is there to simplify your budgets.

Plug n'play

No more time spent on transporting equipment, setting up, testing... Use your time on set to rehearse and produce, simply.

Driveway access

Whether delivering a set piece or showcasing a light vehicle, take advantage of the exterior access.


In addition to our Production, Community, and HMC suites, complement these spaces with our neighbor, SilverSquare.


Team meals, lunch, meal trays - everything is organic, everything is fresh without leaving, at our neighbor, Bambino.


We provide you with 2 to 4 contact spots, as well as solutions for additional spots in close proximity.


Metro, bus, soft mobility... The studio quickly connects to the center of Brussels, train stations, and the airport.


Apart from the formats we produce for our clients, which may include our set, we welcome other productions according to 3 formulas.

Set and scenery in place.

Starting from €2,100 excluding VAT for half a day.

1 set manager and the set system in place (excluding reconfiguration and customization).

Set, scenery, and technical means.

Starting from €3,500 excluding VAT for half a day.

In addition to the previous option, 1 equipment manager and all the technical means of the set: 1 broadcast multicamera control room, 1 multitrack sound control room, 1 dressing station, 1 graphic station, media players, feeds/diversions to screens or projector, hybrid contribution paths, redundant transmission encoders, recorders, 2 studio cameras, 2 PTZ cameras, 1 teleprompter, set screens including a 86″ touchscreen, modular set system (in loft configuration) and its lighting base, 1 production lounge, 1 meeting room, 1 hair, makeup, and wardrobe area, 2 parking spaces.

Set, scenery, equipment, and additional team.

Starting from €6,500 excluding VAT for half a day.

In addition to the previous option, 1 multicamera director, 1 PTZ cameraperson, 1 sound engineer, 1 studio cameraperson, 1 AV technician.


The design of the venue, its equipment, and its environment give it a significant power of attraction, far from the usual industrial filming spaces. We deploy creative, powerful, and permanent installations there, fundamentally focused on the “customer experience”, providing an inspiring setting and efficient means for its production.

Technical sheet

Capacity hosting

1050 m2 of production facilities
140 people (audience + production teams)


Coffee machine, printer
Access to the Bambino restaurant (buffet, sandwiches, cafeteria…)

Production Suite

Lounge, Sony 75″ NDI return screen, meeting table, intercom

Community Suite

Meeting table, Sony 75″ NDI return screen, intercom


Scalable, capable of accommodating external equipment if necessary.

Norwia Multiplexer, connected to the patch panel via a 16-channel fiber.

BlackMagic Design Constellation HD 4 M/E Mixer.

BlackMagic Design VideoHub 40 IN – 40 OUT Matrix.

Streaming in RTMP or SRT via a BlackMagic Design WebPresenter.

Contribution Desembedder.

BlackMagic Design Ultimate 12 HD Keying.

SDI to NDI Converter Birddog Quad.

Redundant COLT Downlink / Uplink.

Sound Control Room

Yamaha DM7: Up to 144 DANTE sources, loudness control, internal denoiser, mixing on DAW

Sony 55″ NDI return screen

Monitoring on 4 Genelec 8040 speakers

RTS OMNIO intercom: 1 master panel in the sound control room + 4 HF beltpacks, 1 IFB in-ear

Multicamera Control Room

Multiview with 6 SONY 55″ screens*
3 wired RTS beltpacks
Audio monitoring on 2 Genelec 8040 speakers
Vision engineer station: CYANVIEW RCP, SWITT reference monitor, BMD SmartScope Duo

PTZ cameraperson station: PANASONIC AW-RP150 controller, SWITT monitor

Script station: RTS intercom, MacBookAir M2, 23″ monitor

Director station: BMD ATEM Advanced Panel 20, RTS intercom, MacMini M2, 23″ monitor

VFX artist station: MacBook Pro M2 Pro

Graphic designer station:
Secondary positions depending on options: editor, additional cameraperson, documentalist…


Quick HMC space, 2 stations, Nestor mirrors 80×80 with adjustable LED lights, 1 psyche, 1 quick change cabin


Usable shooting area: 225 m2 unobstructed (height of ± 5m under ceiling), 350 m2 including columns (height of ± 5m under ceiling), 450 m2 including background (background height of ±2m under ceiling).
Electrical power supply:

Mobile patch on the set.

Mobile rack with 3 connection points to the node throughout the set.

Optical fiber arrival, 12 outputs to the node and 4 receptions from the matrix.

Video: Connection for up to 12 cameras (operated and/or PTZ) with Ref, Camera OUT, Camera IN, and Camera loop.

Up to four different return signals.

Monitoring: BlackMagic Design SmartView

Audio: Yamaha Tio 1608-D. Connected to Dante network and analog conversion 8 OUT XLR and 16 IN XLR/Jack 6.35.

Network: Access to different VLANs of the studio: NDI, Dante, Management, and PTZ control with 8 connections per VLAN. Additional direct connections with the node as an option.


BeMatrix set panel system, modular (according to stock) and customizable with printed canvases on Jersey or printed panels on Forex. Delivered in loft configuration.


Talk: Triangular table for talk show/panel (up to 2 hosts and 6 guests)
Debate: Triangular counters (up to 2 hosts and 6 guests)
Interview: Armchair and sofa (up to 1 host and 2 guests)
Demonstration: Counter and background shelves

Diverged screens (set)

1 x SPEECHI 85″ touchscreen, 1 x SONY 85″ screen, 2 x SONY 55″ screens, 2 x SONY 43″ screens, 2 x SONY 32″ screens

Animation aids

1 prompter 24″, 1 PGM return monitor, 1 contribution return monitor, 1 timer monitor, 2 order speakers

Power and fluids

Ventilation (VMC):


Come discuss
concepts & seasons !

We will be delighted to present to you this unprecedented set and all its exceptional production capabilities for your formats.