'24 Summer Offer

This summer will be sunny on our set: make the most of the summer heat with our cutting-edge technology studio. Take advantage of the summer calm to seize a bright opportunity to book our fully-equipped multicameras studio, ready to bring your most creative projects to life.

🌞 Shine in the sunlights

Whether it's for a series of podcasts, engaging tutorials, deep interviews, a dynamic panel or a showcase, our state-of-the-art facilities are ready to host your RECorded or LIVE productions. Test out new formats and get ready to dazzle your audience.

🍒 And two cherries on the set

First cherry: get a sizzling 20% off our regular ratecard, when you book your summer slot!

Second cherry: for you, our loyal clients, we go beyound with an even more sunny promotion, to thank you for 8 years of collaboration, with an even exceptional discount: let's talk!

& plug n'play

Here is our playground, the largest independent TV·Livestream set in Brussels, dedicated to businesses, federations, institutions, culture
and more.

Express yourself

And dare to try the most inspiring audiovisual facilities in Brussels, for your content creation.

Our summer deal is the best opportunity to test your ideas before september ’24 back to business. Here are some content ideas, that you could produce in batches, in order to broadcast them over several weeks.


Starting by studying and reflecting together on the deployment of your strategy, we continue by transferring new skills to your teams, designing personalized formats with them, and advising your programming.


She begins with the selection of the host, panelists, and guests, as well as the writing of the script and its pace, the topics addressed and their handling, the variety of sequences.

It’s also a particular attention to promoting your appointment.


The interview establishes a conversation between the journalist and their guest in an atmosphere conducive to authenticity, covering a wide range of topics.


A private concert? A product launch? The showcase is the ideal format to propel your activities in front of a selected audience.


The demonstration of your products, services, and skills is an essential communication tool. Produce it under the best conditions!

Any other formats on demand.

The useful hours are those dedicated to the actual shooting, excluding transportation, setup, configuration, testing, and dismantling. Our studios are equipped and configured to be ready to shoot in a short amount of time. Each of our services is coordinated by a production manager.

REC / LIVE: may be post-produced or broadcast live (possible additional costs applicable for live broadcasting). These rates are valid in the Brussels-Capital Region, excluding fees for travel beyond. The full day is 10 hours, the half-day is 4 hours, excluding specific conditions (Sunday, public holidays, night…). Indicative rates, canceling and replacing previous ones, valid as of February 1, 2024. Only the quote after the brief is binding. © LeGrow.Studio – Logo, photographs, illustrations, editorial content – All rights reserved.

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