Recipes, product tutorials, or first aid training are all ideas for tutorials to include in your regular content.

Facilitate learning with clear and instructive videos, catering to both beginners and experts, guiding them through detailed steps and skillfully combining information with attractive visual aesthetics. Our teams capture the actions of your presenters up close, under suitable lighting, and illustrate them with contextual graphics to support understanding of the subject matter.

LeGrow.Studio and its teams stand out for their attentiveness, availability, and transparency. Together, we share a passion for creativity and the pursuit of excellence. Each new project starts with enthusiasm thanks to this quality of partnership.

Virginie - SMARTCOOP - Human Resources Director

Business case

A few months ago, we produced a series of live cooking tutorials for an agency and its advertiser.

The audience was B2C, targeting cooking enthusiasts and consumers of this food brand. The expressed intention was to broaden the perception and use of the product beyond its usual use, and the messages encouraged consumers to use it in unexpected, easy, and delicious recipes to enhance their daily culinary experience.

After several pre-production meetings, the shoot took place over two days. A production team of 7 people, 5 cameras, a carefully chosen outdoor set, and a talented cooking actor were involved. A contest, previously announced and related to the content of the show, ensured excellent promotion. This tutorial was both uplifting for the brand and entertaining and useful for its audience.

Our advice

To us, the quality of your customer experience is just as important in our missions alongside you as the productions you entrust to us.

Here are some tips to provide them with the best conditions from your first brief.

Knowing your budget allows us to be more efficient by saving you time as well as our teams.

Introduce us to your audience; the better we know them, the better we can address them with the appropriate tone and practices.

Clearly defining your production intent and its SMART objectives determines the most appropriate method.

From your messages arises the production concept that we propose to you, then the talents and means to gather.

A clear and precise schedule, combined with everyone's adherence to its deliverables, promises a creative and serene production.

Choose the host and each of your speakers very carefully: they are a cornerstone of your success.

Let's make your content an R.O.I. in service of your audience and your video strategy season after season.

Create a promotion with impact for your production, worthy of your stated ambition in terms of audience volume.

Prioritize seasonal strategies over individual formats to display positive KPIs and sustainable trends.

Teams, resources & services

The price indicated above is a ready-to-produce estimate, from which we together build your tailor-made production based on your brief and constraints.

Each of our services is led by a production manager and a director. Depending on the needs of your production, we will gather around them the skills and resources we have – for shooting in Brussels and beyond or on our ready-to-shoot sets – and complement them with the more specific collaborations required.

Any other option on quotation.

The useful hours are those dedicated to the actual shooting, excluding transportation, setup, configuration, testing, and dismantling. Our studios are equipped and configured to be ready to shoot in a short amount of time. Each of our services is coordinated by a production manager.

REC / LIVE: may be post-produced or broadcast live (possible additional costs applicable for live broadcasting). These rates are valid in the Brussels-Capital Region, excluding fees for travel beyond. The full day is 10 hours, the half-day is 4 hours, excluding specific conditions (Sunday, public holidays, night…). Indicative rates, canceling and replacing previous ones, valid as of February 1, 2024. Only the quote after the brief is binding. © LeGrow.Studio – Logo, photographs, illustrations, editorial content – All rights reserved.


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